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A Movement to Bring America Back to the Economics that Made it Great

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What's Wrong with America?
Unless you've been living under a rock, you're fully aware of our economic crisis. What happened? Where did we go wrong? 

Correction: Where did Government go wrong?

The video we made parodies School House Rock. School House Rock was intended to teach in a funny, entertaining, and cartoonish manner. This movement is designed to do the same, except with politics. It's meant to highlight how we've strayed from our roots. 

The roots of anything are it's foundation. We believe traditional American roots are those of the American dream: that any one man or woman can achieve prosperity and wealth by the sweat of his/her brow. We believe in free enterprise, freedom, and individual strength. While the American dream has been both dilapidated and destroyed by consumerism and the economic bubble burst back in '08, the dream should still be attainable.

Because no country has ever taxed it's way to prosperity. Because we believe in the power to the states and communities rather than power to the Feds. Because Americans used to have pride in their work and worth as human beings, but we've grown lazy. And the government has only contributed to the laziness. We believe there's a vast difference between helping someone and carrying them, and the government has carried people to the point of holding them back.

If you want to learn more, we encourage you to explore our site. 

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On the altar of God, I pledge undying hostility to any government restrictions on the free minds of the people.
                                          -- Thomas Jefferson

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"Why the two mandates?"
Meet Obama, the absolute monarch.
Here's what we think of your presidency, Mr. King!
Let's return to our roots! Free enterprise, prosperity, and return our country back to the greatest on the planet!
Our first animation video, NO MORE KING! Lyrics can be found on the "No More King" page.